How long have you worked for eatlunch?

I am now in my sixth year of working for Eatlunch and was also there when it was turned into the professional catering company that we know it as today nearly 16 years ago. During the time I spent away from the business I got married, had two children and ran a hotel in New Zealand to name but a few highlights!

What made you decide to go into the catering trade?

I have always been passionate about working in catering and enjoyed ‘cooking’ from a very young age. My first job was as a waiter in a holiday camp on the Isle of Wight earning £1.75 an hour and I have progressed through my career in various junior and senior management roles in Restaurants and Hotels that has given me the skills and experience to hold my present position of General Manager here at Eatlunch.

Can you describe what a normal day as General manager would look like?

Wow! I don’t think there is a normal day. One of the things I like best about Hospitality is that each and every day is different. My responsibilities range from staff management, the companies health & safety and client liaison, to steering the whole ship of a company in the right direction on the calmest route possible. You will however still find me with my sleeves rolled up driving a delivery van, making sandwiches or an awesome latte.

What is your favourite item on the menu and why?

For me it’s our Chicken Goujons. We make them fresh every day using grade A chicken breast from our specialist butcher. The combination of them being cooked just right, as well as the secret ingredients we put in the breadcrumbs, makes them fantastically moreish!.

If you were ordering a buffet what would you choose?

I like the all-rounder menu of sandwiches, two finger food, fruit and crisps.  It’s a great tasting and hunger squashing lunch which is one if the reasons it’s also our most popular with our corporate clients.

More random questions

If you were on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you and why?

Firstly would be an unlimited supply of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc which is my biggest weakness. Second would have to be George Foreman Grill which seals in the flavour without the fat and lastly  I guess I should say my wife, but if I am honest it would probably be a cinema set up and all those box sets like Game of Thrones that I have every intention of watching but never get round to.

If you could be anyone for the day who would it be and why?

Bill Oddie. Nothing beats a bit of birdwatching