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Our Philosophy

Made with pride and care

We do not buy in sandwich fillings – if your buffet sandwich has chicken in it then we have cooked and sliced the 100% chicken breast, the beef is cooked and sliced British Topside and we poach Salmon from certified sustainable sources.


We are proud to have a 5 star hygiene rating for both our central kitchen in WGC and our Bistro at the Business Technology Centre in Stevenage. This means that you can be confident that external assessors have examined our facilities and practices and passed them with flying colours.


We look to reduce the environmental impact of our business as much as possible. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable, all of the waste we generate is sorted to ensure as much as possible is recycled, including any food waste which is converted to Biomass fuel - a low carbon, renewable energy source.

Our suppliers

We look to work with local suppliers wherever possible and try and source British produce because this both supports local economies and helps to reduce the ‘food miles’ in our end product.





our philosophy

 food standards